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Around 10% of women in the U.S. struggle to get and stay pregnant and it can be one of the most challenging things to have to go through. Many times, families come to us after going through extensive testing and still don’t have answers to why they aren’t able to conceive. At Peak Potential, we work tirelessly to get you answers and ultimately results and we do that by taking a different approach. We come from paradigm of salutogenesis which means “creation of health”. We focus on what it takes to be healthy versus treating symptoms and disorders.

First, we do a baseline assessment of how healthy you are internally by testing your nervous system utilizing our non-invasive technology. This will show us if your nervous system is in a sympathetic aka stress and fight/flight state or a parasympathetic aka growth and development state. It’s vital to know how your nervous system is functioning because it’s the master control system of your whole body and ultimately responsible for conceiving and developing a baby.

Which state do you think is optimal for getting pregnant? Sympathetic fight/flight or parasympathetic growth and development? Parasympathetic.

Which state do you think is most predominant in women who are struggling with infertility? Sympathetic.

This is where we come in. Our gentle and neurological adjustments specifically activate the parasympathetic nervous system and allow your nervous system to get into growth and development mode and get out of fight or flight, stress mode. This is why we see changes and success with families struggling with infertility. We are not treating infertility, but rather addressing the root cause of the issue and helping you become healthy from the inside-out.


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