Sensory Processing Disorder Minnetonka

Sensory Processing Disorder in Minnetonka

Sensory Processing Disorder Minnetonka

Does your child struggle with loud noises, certain textures (like tags on clothes) or eating certain foods? If so, your child could have a sensory processing issue which is becoming more and more common in kids recently. What does that mean? Your brain is constantly receiving messages from your senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, movement and balance.

In a normal and ideal situation, all those senses are going into your child’s brain and it can process them and make sense of them and send back a response or behavior that is appropriate; that is normal sensory processing in Minnetonka.

Sensory Processing Disorder in Minnetonka

In sensory processing disorder, the senses are coming into your child’s brain but they are either too loud or too quiet and the brain gets overwhelmed and produces an abnormal behavior or response.

If your child’s sense of touch is coming in too loud, a little tag on their t-shirt can be overwhelming and really upsetting to your child. Or if the sense of sound is coming in too loud (not the actual volume but the way the brain is perceiving it) then a movie or song being played can feel like an explosion in their brain and they cannot handle it.

On the other hand, sensations may be coming into their brain too quietly. If movement and balance are coming in too quiet, your child may struggle with coordination and may not enjoy sports. It will also effect fine motor skills so writing in class can be a challenge as well.

Sensory processing disorder is different for each child experiencing it because the way the senses are coming in (either too loud, too quiet, or just right) can be different for each sense and for each child. That is why one child can have completely different behaviors then another but are both struggling with the processing of their sensory input.

The sensations coming in too loud will leave your child feeling overwhelmed and feeling like their brain is spinning out of control. The sensations coming in too quiet will leave your child feeling confused and lost in their environment.

That’s where I, as a pediatric and neurological chiropractor come in. I help the brain receive those senses at the right volume, not too loud or too quiet. I do that by making very specific and gentle adjustments to the spine to cue the brain to calm down so it can receive the sensory input correctly and process it in an organized manner and then send back a calm response or behavior. If the spinal cord has excess stress in it, it will produce the signals coming into and from the brain to be either too loud or too quiet producing abnormal behaviors that your child may be struggling with.

Give our office a call today if you would like to find out if we could help your child make sense of their environment and have calm and coordinated responses! It is our mission to help kids thrive academically, socially and emotionally with our gentle and natural approach.


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