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Parents, do you notice that your children struggle with change, becoming overwhelmed and stressed in Minnetonka MN? Do they have difficulty regulating their emotions and often experience intense outbursts? It can be confusing when small things, like changing topics in school or seasonal transitions, lead to breakdowns.

Ideally, children should be able to adapt to changes without getting stuck or overwhelmed. While it's beneficial for kids to have a structured routine and organized time for activities, they also need to be able to navigate changes when things don't go perfectly or deviate from their usual structure. Having structure and organization is important, but being rigid within that structure is not. Life is about adapting and making the best of any situation, and we want to help your children develop those skills from a young age, enabling them to be successful and adaptable as adults.

The underlying reason for their struggle to adapt to change lies in their nervous system, which serves as the communication system between their brain and body. When the nervous system is not functioning optimally, their body's ability to adapt to different environments is diminished, making it challenging for your children to cope with change. When the communication system (the nervous system) is not functioning at full capacity, their brain tends to get stuck in fight or flight mode, also known as sympathetic overdrive. This can manifest in three behaviors: 1. Fight, 2. Flight, or 3. Freeze. Do any of these behaviors resonate with your child? When it's time to shift and adapt, do they resist, become agitated, or have outbursts? Do they retreat to their room or withdraw into silence? If so, they are displaying behaviors associated with sympathetic dominance, which explains their difficulty with change and adapting to new environments. Their bodies are stressed and internally chaotic, making it hard for them to adjust to external situations.

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As pediatric and neurological chiropractors, we specialize in helping your child's nervous system transition from a state of sympathetic dominance to a more relaxed and calm state.

We work to improve the flow of communication between the brain and body, enabling their bodies to better adapt to their environments and reducing the struggle with change. However, this process takes time and repetition, as the nervous system needs to break free from old, familiar, and strong patterns and establish new, adaptable, and resilient patterns. Change doesn't happen overnight, but with time, you will notice your child becoming more flexible and less overwhelmed by change. We will celebrate those milestones with you as they occur!

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