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Practice Member Testimonials



Sophia L.

Sophia initially joined our office dealing with sensory issues that prevented her from wearing new clothes (which can be very difficult for a 12 year old), and for headaches. After Sophia’s course of care in our office, she is now wearing her new clothes and feeling like an awesome 12 year old. Her headaches are much better as well!

Here are some of the benefits she’s achieved in her own word.

“less frequent headaches, sleep improved, tactile sensory issues decreased, better mood, and more energy!”

When asked how she lives at her Peak Potential she said, “I enjoy finding and wearing new clothes, not waking up in the middle of the night, and far less frequent headaches during the week!”

Sophia L.


Mary D.

Check out our stellar practice member Mary! Mary initially started care with us due to constant lower back pain and migraines.

We are happy to share that she reports having more energy, decreased back pain, and minor headaches (rather than the severe migraines she experienced for many years). She also reports that she is living a much more balanced life!

Mary enjoys an active lifestyle playing softball, broom ball and tennis, and playing in a “four year old’s” world (parks, cars, balls, and pop-sicles).

Mary D.



Charlie C.

Charlie initially started care in our office seeking help with weekly hive outbreaks. Since starting his adjustments he reports, “I have large amounts of energy! Have not had any hives, and I have an all around higher quality of feeling.”

We love serving amazing people and helping them live at their Peak Potential!


Charlie C.


Amanda H.

Healthy Momma’s Make Healthy Baby’s!!

Amanda started care with us in hopes to reduce her neck and back pain as well as wanting specific prenatal chiropractic care to help her along her pregnancy.

She is happy to report that since starting care with us, her balance has improved, she no longer has chronic neck and lower back pain, and her adjustments have allowed her to experience a great pregnancy with little to no uncomfortable feelings!!

Amanda H.


Audrey D. -

Audrey initially started care in our office for her focus and excema. After receiving care, we are happy to report that her skin is nearly clear! She is off all of her steroid medications for her excema and she is much more focused in her activities! Check out her video below!!


Wesley D.-

Wesley came to see us initially for his behavior (attitude), difficulty sleeping, and his stress. “Wesley feels much more calm, reacts better in stressful situations, falls asleep much faster and stays asleep. And has a much better attitude and says he feels GREAT!” – Wesley’s Mom, Jess

Wesley D.

Jasen L.

“Much much calmer… way less pain.. able to stop, and breathe. Thinking much clearer, seeing things in a much better light… aches and muscle pain has almost disappeared. Feeling like a new dude!!” Jasen L.

Sean C.

Sean initially started coming to us looking for help with regulating his emotions. We are happy to report that after his course of care, Sean is much more calm and able to handle stressful situations in a new light.

“Much more clam; when upset calms down more quickly; Reasoning also improved :)” -Sean’s Mom, Audrey


April and Chloe

Chloe and April initially started care in our office for Chloe who was expressing a lot of ADHD behaviors. Difficulty focusing, and sitting still. Both Chloe and April have had amazing change’s here at Peak Potential!

“Chloe, no longer requires any medication! She is much easier to manage in previously stressful situations. Gavin (baby brother also under care) has had a much easier time teething. Mom, April, is able to sleep at night and her IBS symptoms (which she had struggled with for 10 years!) are completely gone!”

Finley L.

Finley originally sought care with Dr. Julia for her anxiety. Finley is excited to report her worries are gone as well as having improved sleep, energy, and an improved mood! Her glitter has settled, and she reports feeling calmer inside! Finley brings such a brightness every time she walks through our door and says hello! She loves art and contributes beautiful pictures to our wall of coloring frequently. Listen to her amazing testimonial below!


Etai J. -

“Etai has been doing amazing work at school and home, focusing and absorbing all sorts of information that went over his head last year” 


Cara D. -

A happy nervous system leads to a happy life! Check out Cara’s story and the amazing results she’s gained from chiropractic care in our video! She originally came due to some nagging back & neck pain that was really impeding her ability to live life from daily activities to even her ability to get restful sleep. Quickly, in about a week, her back and neck really started to resolve! She was waking up rested and not in pain any longer! Cara also had struggled with her overall health, including high blood pressure for years, she was already seeing other doctors for this and was about to go on medication. After two months of adjustments with Dr. Julia, helping her body get out of the state of stress she was so excited to share that her blood pressure is now the lowest it has been in years. This is extremely exciting since she was able to avoid the medication and bring her body back to a healthy level naturally!

Molly O. -

“I’m no longer distracted by aches and pains and able to focus on other things. I no longer experience the neck and back pain on a daily basis, now only rarely. My headaches are less frequent and do not last as long.”

Melissa H. -

After a few weeks of regular adjustments with Dr. Julia Melissa experienced awesome results after seeking care for consistent back pain, headaches, and only then learned that Dr. Julia could aid in relieving her anxiety as well. Increased Energy and motivation as well as improved mood throughout her days instead of feeling that fight or flight mentality in situations has been a welcomed change for her. An added bonus — her increased energy has helped her stay consistent with her health goals and drop 20lbs so far!

Easton S. -

“Much better sleeper! Uses energy productively, focused at school! He can regulate and express his emotions much better. He is less stressed and overall happier!”

Kelly V. -

Kelly is seeing awesome benefits from increased breath awareness, decreased respiratory issues, decreased overall stress! She originally began care to optimize her overall health and aiding in resolving some lingering respiratory issues. She has now been in care for a couple months and has seen a noticeable improvement in her breathing and dramatically reduced tension in her shoulders and upper back. She shares that she hadn’t realized how much her quality of life was affected by unresolved stress in her spine and nervous system and is grateful for connecting with Dr. Julia!

Katrina B. -

“I have a lot of anxiety and it’s just overwhelming to a point where it is hard to do anything, so this has helped a lot. I am feeling a lot better, it is easier to focus in school too with the reduced anxiety now”

Sarah P. -

Sarah has really seen amazing changes and this is just the beginning. She is better able to tune into her body, decrease her panic attacks and overall anxiety. She is feeling more confident, in control of her body and breath as well as an increased ability to express and release her emotions.

Lawna G. -


Jamie and Olivia P. -

Mother and daughter team visits. I was always feeling anxious and since my visits, I am much calmer and more centered and much more like myself.



Gabe C. -

“Gabe has LOVED coming to be adjusted by Dr. Julia. He has seen huge improvements in his sleep, both going to sleep easier and staying asleep through the night. He is also feeling calmer inside his body!He enjoys knowing how things work with his care and chatting with Dr. Julia on each visit, learning how things work and how he can help stay healthy in his habits and in turn, feeling his best through each day!”


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