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Although it may be a sensitive subject, your digestive health provides crucial insights into your overall well-being. With the increasing prevalence of food sensitivities and gut-related disorders such as IBS, Crohn's disease, and Celiac disease in both adults and children, it is important to be well-educated on this topic. Your digestive health in Minnetonka MN determines how effectively you absorb nutrients from your food, which plays a key role in your energy levels and overall health. Additionally, your gut plays a vital role in waste removal. If waste is not efficiently eliminated, it can accumulate within your system, leading to discomfort and potentially causing other health issues. Another significant concern on the rise is known as leaky gut, where gaps form in the digestive tract, allowing food particles and waste products to enter the bloodstream. I hope you agree that this is a bad thing for your body, as it can trigger an immune response and increase inflammation throughout the body. Initially, this immune response is a normal and intelligent process. However, repeated occurrences can contribute to the development of autoimmune disorders, which are also becoming more prevalent. The body starts attacking itself due to the presence of substances in the blood that should not be there. Although the body is acting intelligently, this ongoing process can be detrimental over time.

What is causing these digestive health struggles in Minnetonka MN?

It is not only due to our food being more toxic and foreign to our bodies than ever, which leads to gut inflammation and the formation of gaps. Another significant factor is the state of the nervous system and brain. The brain and gut have a strong connection, which has received significant attention in recent years. People have discovered that they can heal their brain by healing their gut, and vice versa. Ultimately, it is the brain and nervous system that control the digestive system. Therefore, if the nervous system functions optimally, it sends proper signals to the gut, allowing it to function correctly. The part of the nervous system specifically responsible for regulating digestive system function is the parasympathetic side. The parasympathetic state governs processes such as sleep, healing, development, and digestion.

However, when the nervous system becomes stuck in the sympathetic side, which prioritizes survival, digestion is compromised. Our bodies automatically shift into the sympathetic state when we experience stress, which, unfortunately, is prevalent in both adults and children. Consequently, a significant portion of society operates primarily from the sympathetic state, with their parasympathetic state suppressed when it should be activated for optimal functioning. This is why the rates of IBS, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, food sensitivities, and other digestive issues are increasing.

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So, how can we address this?

Many individuals suggest immediately cleaning up the diet and eliminating foods that cause gut inflammation. I wholeheartedly agree with this approach! As a collective, we need to consume rich, nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods while reducing our intake of sugars and processed foods. However, it is crucial to ensure that our nervous system is functioning optimally first! Even if you follow a completely clean diet, if your body remains in a sympathetic fight-or-flight state, your digestive system will still not function properly. Remember, it is the nervous system that ultimately controls the digestive system. Chiropractic adjustments enable the body to transition from the sympathetic survival state to the parasympathetic digestion state. When your digestive system is functioning optimally, you experience improved well-being. We are honored to assist you in achieving a happy digestive system and overall wellness.

Chiropractor Minnetonka MN Julia Roth Gut Health


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