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Fibromyalgia affects more than 3 million people per year and is defined as widespread muscle pain and tenderness. Fibromyalgia can cause chronic pain that can seriously diminish your quality of life. What is causing this? At Peak Potential, we are on a mission to provide you with this answer and empower you with the tools to find true, lasting relief from fibromyalgia.

To understand what’s causing fibromyalgia, we need to first understand how our body perceives pain. When we experience a physical stressor, chemical stressor or emotional stressor, our brain immediately goes into a protective state. This protective state is known as the sympathetic stress response and is known as the fight, flight or freeze response. This protective state is very intelligent and healthy in the moment but what is not healthy is when the brain gets stuck in this state. When our brain gets stuck in this state, our brain is constantly thinking we are in danger and is constantly on high alert. When that happens, our pain threshold is much lower, meaning we feel pain a lot easier, the pain can travel to different parts of the body and the pain doesn’t go away, which are the criteria for a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

So how do we treat this? By looking to where the pain is presenting at the exact moment? Or by looking to what’s causing this pain in the first place?

At Peak Potential, we look to what’s causing the pain in the first place and work with your nervous system by helping it get out of that protective, sympathetic state.

When that happens, your body no longer has to experience chronic pain and you can live your life fully again!


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