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Chiropractor Minnetonka MN Julia Roth


Julia Roth D.C.

When I was a baby and a toddler, I had a lot of ear infections that kept coming back, and then I started getting strep throat every winter when I was a kid. It felt like I was in school for two days, out of school for five days, just always getting sick.

So, they took out my tonsils, thinking it would help, but it didn't really fix the problem. As I got older, it turned into anxiety and trouble sleeping during my early teens. I was on a path of not being very healthy.

Then, I found chiropractic care, and everything changed. It made a huge difference in my health and my life.

Without it, I know that I would be chronically ill today in my life.

Because of my childhood health challenges and the struggles my family went through, I have devoted my career to helping parents understand that there is another option other than drugs and surgery.

It is so common for kids to be sick in today's day and age. But just because it is common, does not mean it is normal.

My own health trajectory is dramatically shifted because of the information that I share with parents every single day. If you are ready to look at your child's health in a completely different light, please reach out to us. It's my mission to help parents know and understand that there are other options out there other than what I had to go through as a child.

Chiropractor Minnetonka MN Natalie


Natalie Roth D.C.

Dr. Natalie is dedicated to guiding her patients towards true health and healing through an inside-out approach that honors the innate wisdom of the body. She is particularly passionate about empowering parents to take charge of their well-being, enabling them to enhance their energy levels, improve sleep quality, optimize digestion, enhance mental clarity, and nurture meaningful relationships.

From an early age, Dr. Natalie discovered her deep passion for healing the body naturally. She grew up playing golf, which opened numerous doors for her during her college years. She had the privilege of representing North Dakota State University on the golf team and even embarked on a professional career on the women’s pro tour after college graduation.

Throughout her golfing endeavors, she firmly believed that her achievements on the course were a result of her holistic approach to life, encompassing getting weekly adjustments, a nutrient-rich diet, and a strong mental mindset.

“During my upbringing, I figured out early on that staying well adjusted all throughout my childhood provided me with certain advantages as an athlete and growing female. I noticed that I rarely was sick, I didn’t deal with allergies or anxiety, my menstrual cycle was regular, and I was able to keep focus and do well in school. Additionally, whenever I faced injuries, my body seemed to recover at a quicker pace compared to my peers.”

In March of 2023, Dr. Natalie proudly earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences. She applies a comprehensive approach to patient care, utilizing techniques such as Network Spinal Analysis, the activator method, and the Webster Technique, to ensure her patients receive the most well-rounded and effective care.


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