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My name is Dr. Julia Anderson and I am on a mission to help kids just be kids and for parents to be able to enjoy parenthood. If your child is struggling socially, emotionally or academically Peak Potential is here to help. As a mom myself, I know the pure joy that comes from watching your child grow, learn and develop into their unique selves.

I also know the worry and anxiety that comes along with being a parent, especially if your child is struggling at school, with their peers, or with their health.

I am here to help you by helping your child break free from their health challenges with our natural, gentle and inside-out approach to health.

Your child has the amazing capability to learn, grow and be healthy.

It is my honor and privilege to activate that health from within so they can enjoy school and all the fun activities you have thoughtfully enrolled them in.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping families live their best life by having their best health and I’ve done that by getting my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University and completing an additional 200 hours of training from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I am also Webster Certified for all the momma’s-to-be out there!

If you are feeling overwhelmed as a parent and feel like you need to be your child’s doctor, therapist, tutor, nutritionist all rolled into one, I’d love to chat and help you be the most important and enjoyable title you have –mom.


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