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Emotional Regulation

We have the pleasure of specializing in pediatric and adolescent chiropractic care and one of the most common goals we set with parents is emotional regulation. Often times parents find themselves in a state of overwhelm and frustration due to their kids struggling to calmly process and regulate their emotions. This can cause extra fights at home and school and parents are often worried about getting poor reports sent home from teachers. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat further about helping your child appropriately regulate their emotions.

First, we’d like you to understand what’s causing your child’s struggle in the first place and that comes from understanding what’s going on inside their nervous system and the communication system between their brain and body. If that communication is not flowing the way that it should be; the body has a decreased ability to adapt to their environments and they become very reactive and emotional.

When the communication system (the nervous system) isn’t working at 100%, their brain gets stuck in fight or flight aka “sympathetic” overdrive and 1 or 3 behaviors will be displayed:

  1. Fight
  2. Flight or
  3. Freeze.

Does that should like your child at all? When something happens and they need to process and regulate their emotions, do they fight you or get really agitated and have an outburst? Do they retreat to their room? Or do they shut down and get really quiet altogether? If so, they are displaying sympathetic dominate behaviors and that is what is causing them to struggle with emotional regulation. They are having a hard time adjusting to their external situations and becoming very reactive because their body is stressed out and chaotic internally.

As a pediatric chiropractor, I help your child’s nervous system shift out of that sympathetic dominate state and into a more relaxed and calm state. I make sure the communication system between the brain and the body is flowing the way that it should, allowing their bodies to adapt to their environments and emotional regulation will not be such a struggle for them. Our goal at Peak Potential is to help kids enjoy being kids and for parents to enjoy being parents and not worry about your child fighting with you, siblings or other peers.


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