Clear, Calm & Connected in Minnetonka

Clear, Calm & Connected in Minnetonka

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By: Dr. Julia Roth, D.C.

As the school year is getting started and kids are getting back into their routines, October is a great month for parents to assess how their child is doing academically, socially, and emotionally. Parents, do you find yourself saying “This year will be different” or “This year has to be better” because your child struggles to focus at school? Watching your child struggle and not reach their potential is so frustrating and as a Minnetonka MN pediatric chiropractor, I am here to empower you with the knowledge and action steps to help your child thrive this year!

Do You Understand Your Child In Minnetonka?

First, it’s crucial that you understand what is happening with your child and why it is so hard for them to focus and use their energy productively. How do they learn? Their brain. Your child’s nervous system is constantly learning and developing, their brain is always at work making new connections and forming new neural pathways. These neural pathways are either calm, clear, and connected or stressed, chaotic, and disorganized. Which pathways do you think are desirable? The calm, clear and connected ones of course! But, unfortunately, that is not often the case; your child’s neural pathways may be ones of stress, chaos, and disorganization.

Think of it this way, if you are trying to find your favorite radio station, and the station is 97.5 and you are on 97.2, what does it sound like? Is it clear or is there static? Correct, there’s static. That is exactly what is happening in your child’s brain when it is in a stressed, sympathetic aka fight or flight dominant state; the neural pathways are fuzzy and disorganized. If your child’s neural pathways are disorganized, it will lead to disorganized behavior with the inability to focus. How well do you focus when there is extra static and noise in the background? Not well I assume. Neither does your child, but the difference is that the noise is not an irritating radio that you can shut off. It is inside their brain constantly that can only be shut off when the neural pathways become calm, clear, and connected again.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

As a pediatric chiropractor, I help your child focus and control their emotions by helping the brain build those calm, organized, and connected neural pathways versus the stressed and disorganized neural pathways. This is achieved with very specific and gentle adjustments. These adjustments also help shift the body out of a sympathetic dominance or fight/flight state and into a parasympathetic or rest/digest/grow/learn state. There have been countless, amazing results with kids being able to focus their energy and tap into their potential in my practice! I am not trying to dim your child’s light down or shut off their amazing energy but rather the goal is to allow your child’s gifts to be expressed by using their energy productively and my neurological approach does just that. Once the static and stress is removed from your child’s brain and body, they can be the amazing and intelligent kids you know they are capable of!

Chiropractor Minnetonka MN Julia Roth


Julia Roth D.C.

Dr. Julia Roth owns Peak Potential Family Chiropractic where she specializes in helping kids increase their focus, decrease their anxiety, improve their sleep patterns, and improve their emotional regulation.

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