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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be a debilitating condition in which you are constantly feeling drained and unable to fully enjoy your life. What is causing this? Stress! Specifically, the inability to adapt to your everyday physical, chemical and emotional stressors. When our brain perceives stress, it releases stress hormones which activate your adrenal glands which release more stress hormones into your bloodstream which go back up to your brain and you guessed it –your brain perceives stress and releases more stress hormones. It really does become a chronic stress cycle and that is very draining to the body which causes you to feel chronic fatigue. This is what is responsible for the common midafternoon slump in energy as well which is supposed to be when you feel the most energy during the day!

Dr. Julia can help with chronic fatigue by breaking that brain – body stress cycle! Her calming adjustments stop those stress hormones coming from the brain so the adrenal glands no longer need to release stress hormones. When that happens, your body natural energy levels can regulate and you no longer need to feel constantly tired. With our inside-out approach, you can experience lasting results. Let us help you enjoy life again!


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