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Summer Flying By?

“I’ve just been so busy.”


How many times do you catch yourself saying this to friends, family, or colleagues? Just those few words can become a routine phrase for people explaining their lives these days. With packed schedules, it’s easy to fall into a hectic pattern of life and forget about the most important thing… you! We’ve included some tips to be present in the moment this summer:

  • Meditate. Meditation allows you to focus and clear your mind of clutter. This is a time for listening, feeling and being mindful your movements.  It allows you to become present with yourself and alleviate your anxieties, stressors and racing thoughts . It allows you to practice being calm and aware of yourself and your breath.


  • Get Adjusted. When your nervous system is able to fully communicate within your body, this aligns the vitality within you and you are able to fully express your authentic self. A balanced body supports a stabilized mind.


  • Breathe. Take some deep breaths while focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Notice how that breath makes your body move and how it feels flowing through you. You’ll become calmer and be able to focus on the present moment.


  • Practice Gratitude. Set an intention to be grateful in the morning. Choose something to be thankful for and let this notion guide you through your day. Verbalize your appreciation; tell someone how much they mean to you or tell yourself! You can never get enough self love in your day. Create a journal to capture moments or feelings of gratitude. Expressing positive feelings solidifies a happier life.

With those simple tips, you can truly enjoy your summer versus it flying past you. Feel free to reach out with any questions on how we can help you and your family reach new levels of health and happiness.



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