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Stress Buster Tips for the Holiday Season!

            “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is a common phrase that we’ve started to hear recently.

Here are some tips to make this the best holiday season ever filled with joy and peace.

 1. Keep your body moving!

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of not working out during the holidays, especially if you are traveling but an easy way to keep your energy up is to keep your exercise routine! If you need to modify what you do or when you’ll exercise, do it!

  • Bonus tip: Work out as a family! If you kids are home from school or you have extended family over, work out as a group by going to the local community center to play basketball or go swimming! It will be a fun activity for you all to enjoy and will keep your exercise routine strong!

2. Listen to your body when it comes to your food input!

The holiday season can also mean treat season with pie, cookies, and chocolate and I’m not telling you not to enjoy a treat but do so in moderation and listen to your body! If the pie does not make you feel good the next day, then skip it! Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water! Even if you think you’re drinking enough, add one more cup a day and see how it makes you feel more vibrant!

3. Get your rest in!

It’s easy for yourself and your kids to get off their sleep routine during the holiday season, especially if they are home from school but you will feel so much better and able to be present with your family if you are getting adequate sleep each night! If you have young kids, perhaps you could plan in a nap during the day even if you are not in your house –even if your kiddo is having a blast playing with their cousins, they will thank you later but not melting down!

4. Keep your adjustment momentum

Staying adjusted and maintaining a healthy nervous system is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family during the holiday season! It will allow your body to function the way it should so you can focus on the best part of the holiday season –your family and friends! It will keep your energy up, allow your digestive system to work properly and maintain your sleep schedule! This is the underlying tip that will help all the other stress buster tips work better!

5. Have fun!

The holidays are the perfect time to connect with your family and create lifelong memories! Make sure you look around and realize how blessed you are to be able to celebrate with your loved ones. Gratitude will decrease your stress and allow you to be fully present with those around so you can have an amazing holiday season!

From our Peak Potential Family Chiropractic family to yours, we wish you the very best holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in the office to spread the holiday cheer!PicTapGo-Image

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