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Peak Potential Family Chiropractic is a kid-friendly, family-focused office where all ages can feel at home. Relax by our fireplace and let your kids play in their dedicated area. Take a seat on our comfortable furniture and help yourself to water or tea before starting your visit!

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Your First Appointment

New Patient Consult at Peak Potential Family ChiropracticYou can download paperwork from our website to fill it out ahead of time or can do so when you arrive. Then you’ll meet Dr. Julia and go to her office to talk about what’s brought you in, your health history and your goals or outcomes from care. We’ll talk to you about what we do, then start on an examination. This process includes taking scans with the advanced Insight™ Subluxation Station to understand your nervous system, communication between your brain and body and the level of stress in your body.

Then, we’ll schedule you to return for a report of findings. You can plan on being here for about 45 minutes.

Your Second Appointment

When you return, Dr. Julia will be prepared to go over everything from your previous visit. She’ll explain your scan results, what they mean and what your body is telling us. We’ll also go over our recommendations for care, including

  • What your body needs to get better
  • How long it’s going to take
  • The costs involved

From there, it’ll be up to you to get started with your first chiropractic adjustment. This visit takes about 30 minutes.

Following Up

At your regular visits, you’ll be here for about 10 minutes. You’re always in control of your health decision. We want you to understand what we’re doing and why, and it’s up to you to make the choice if you want your body to function at the highest possible level through care.

Events to Learn More

Dr. Julia also enjoys participating in events in our community and can speak to area groups and businesses on topics such as pregnancy or neurodevelopmental disorders.


To get started we offer a complementary phone consultation to determine if Peak Potential Family Chiropractic is a good fit for you or your child.

Let’s get your families health to its Peak Potential!

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