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Make a Winter Break Bucket List!

Winter break is right around the corner! Are you and your kids ready to make the most of a little extra free time?! Make sure you get up and do more than just watch TV or play video games, this is a great time to soak up family and new experiences!

Make a Winter Break Bucket List

Here are some fun ideas you can add!

–          Have a snowball fight

–          Build a snowman

–          Go sledding

–          Catch snowflakes on your tongue

–          Make a snow angel

–          Build a snow fort

–          Collect pine cones

–          Make Paper snowflake cut-outs

–          Re-read a favorite childhood book

–          Make grilled cheese and tomato soup!

–          Bake cookies and give them to family and friends

–          Make Cinnamon rolls or a pie from scratch!

–          Go Ice Skating

–          Go in an outdoor hot tub

–          Curl up by a fire with a good book

–          Build a blanket fort

–          Take a bubble bath

–          Complete a puzzle

–          Donate food/toys/clothing to a local charity

–          Mail a handwritten card to an old friend

–          Wear flannel PJs all day!

–          Volunteer at a soup kitchen

–          Decorate a gingerbread house

–          Drive and look at Christmas lights

–          Play a board game with the whole family

–          Create a Spa Night!

–          Visit a local museum! Like the Works Museum ( or The Minnesota Children’s museum (

–          Walk around Mall of America!

–          Partake in a seasonal community activity! Check out Three Rivers Park District, they have many awesome options from Snow Shoeing with Santa, an indoor Elves Workshop, to a winter solstices celebration! Check out the options on their website as many require reservations!!


Always remember to take lots of photos, of your kiddos, and WITH them! You will cherish these fun memories for years to come!

We would love to see what you decided to do!

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