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Health is a process, not an event.

One question I hear from many practice members is “how long will it take before I feel any different?” and my answer is always, “it depends.”

I’m not trying to avoid their question but it really does depend. Some people feel changes immediately and with others it takes longer. The reason why it is different for everybody is that health and healing is a process, not an event.


A process is a continuous, ever-changing series of moments and an event is a single moment. I think we can all agree that health is continuous, ever-changing process that you are experiencing on a moment to moment basis and where you are in that process will determine how quickly you consciously feel changes in your body due to the adjustments.

Even the adjustment is a process and not a single event. One of the most common things I tell practice members is that the body will continue to unwind and integrate into their nervous systems even after they get off the table. That is because the adjustment is not an event that only happens when you are on the table; how cool is that?! But rather, it is a process that allows your nervous system to shift into a healthy state which allows your body to function at a healthier level and further continues your process of health and healing. Health is a journey and the adjustment serves as a catalyst to continue and enhance that process.

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