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Healing is an INSIDE job

“My child is sleeping now”

“He is so much calmer and happier”

“My pain is less and less everyday”

“I feel less frazzled with my thoughts”

Those are just a few of the amazing statements we hear on a regular basis at Peak Potential! We feel very privileged to play such an important role in our communities’ health and well-being and take that responsibility very seriously. The word “doctor” actually translates into “teacher”; therefore, it is our duty to empower our practice members with why they are experiencing such awesome results in our office. They are experiencing those results because their bodies are healing from the inside-out!

Many times, people search for help from an external source but the ultimate truth is that true healing only occurs internally.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself given the proper tools to do so. Diet, exercise, sleep, and good relationships are all great tools to help your body heal internally but the most important tool of all is your nervous system. Your nervous system is the master control system of your entire body and it’s what coordinates all the functions of your body. Your nervous system is what makes sure those other great tools such as exercise and sleep actually have a positive effect in your body! Your nervous system has an innate intelligence that we are all born with and it’s responsible for coordinating all the cells, organs, tissues and systems of your body. This innate intelligence is what I have the privilege to work with every day at Peak Potential! I analyze the body and find out where the nervous system or innate intelligence is being interfered with and then the adjustment removes that interference so the body can work the way it should! So, when people want to give me credit for the results they are experiencing, I give them high fives but remind them that ultimately the healing is happening within THEM and the adjustment is the catalyst for that healing to be activated.

“Nature needs no help, just no interference” –BJ Palmer



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