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Does your child need to be in control?

Do you find it frustrating when your child needs to be in control and cannot adapt to change very well?

This need for control is especially true if your child struggles with a sensory issue.


Why is that? Our brain’s top priority is to feel safe and ensure our survival moment to moment. However, if your child has a sensory issue, their brain can feel unsafe much easier than a child or adult without sensory issues.

The top two things that make their brain feel unsafe are unpredictability or sudden intensity. Those things put their body into an instant state of panic, or fight/flight neurology, which we teach parents is known as sympathetic overdrive.

This is why going into a new environment like a mall or the first day of a new activity can be too overwhelming for your child. Their body is too anxious by the unpredictability to fully relax and enjoy the activity. Another thing that can cause your child’s brain to go into overload mode is if something is suddenly intense, like a loud sound in a movie. The unpredictability and sudden intensity both cause your child’s brain to go into that sympathetic fight/flight state and turning their brains focus solely on survival and protection instead of enjoyment or relaxation. This is why they want to be in control and avoid new activities all together.

This is where chiropractic comes in. The gentle and neurological adjustments that Dr. Julia provides at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic allow the brain to shift out of that fight/flight sympathetic overload state and into the calm and relaxed state known as the parasympathetic nervous system.

The adjustment allows your child’s brain feel safe and secure.

It is in that parasympathetic state where your child can calmly handle new situations and not be overwhelmed by the unpredictability or sudden intensity changes. They will then become more flexible and willing to try new activities and really enjoy being a kid!



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