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Connection from Within

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air and on people’s mind. Love is the ultimate form of human connection. When we look at society at large, do you see a connected society or disconnected society? I think we can agree that on a larger scale, society is disconnected, which is causing a lot of the issues we face today.

So where does connection ultimately come from? Within!

Before we can connect with those around us, we first need to connect with ourselves.

Being able to tune into our needs and know what our body is saying to us is the first step to be connected from within. Everybody is unique and different and being able to tap into our uniqueness and then share our gifts with the world is what makes being a human so special.

By having a connected and clear nervous system, we can tune into our needs and also our gifts. When your brain can fully communicate with your body and your body can clearly communicate back to your brain, that is when you can truly be connected from within.

When you can be connected from within by having a clear and connected nervous system, that is when you are able to fully engage with the people around you in a loving and compassionate way.

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself or from those around you, that is a red flag that something in your nervous system is off. The communication to and from your brain could be fuzzy and not flowing properly. The clarity of that communication is exactly what I test for at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic by using non-invasive technology and proprioceptive tests. Once I know how connected or disconnected the nervous system is, I create a care plan for you to allow your nervous system to become connected again.

Specifically, the adjustment is what clears up that communication and allows your brain and body to talk to each other the way they should. In turn, this allow you to begin connecting in life the way you wish to!





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