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"Common" does not equal "Normal"

Do you find yourself saying “my normal headache” or “my child’s normal immune struggles” or really just describing any symptom as “normal”?

If so, I urge you to reconsider the word “normal” as I hear it all the time during the initial consultation I have with new practice members. They describe it as normal because it’s been happening for so long that this symptom really does become their way of life. But I’m here to empower you with the fact that just because something is common does not mean that it’s normal.

6.4 million kids each year are being diagnosed with ADHD, 9 million kids are struggling with an anxiety disorder and 32 million kids have a chronic health condition. Does that seem normal to you? I certainly don’t think so and everyone I talk to doesn’t think that should be the norm either! So what’s going on?

Symptoms are a way of communicating that something is off internally. They are telling you to stop, listen and change something. Our bodies were designed to function perfectly. It’s amazingly intelligent! Every single cell, organ and tissue of the body has a specialized job and if it’s not working properly, a symptom will appear. If that happens long enough, we develop a chronic condition that’s diagnosed and the symptoms are described as “normal” because those are the symptoms that categorize that particular condition. But those symptoms aren’t normal at all! The body is so intelligent that it wouldn’t manifest a particular symptom if everything was working properly.

This intelligence is contained in our nervous system. The nervous system is known as the master control system of our entire body. It is the intelligence orchestrating every cell, organ and tissue of the body. If something is off within that master system, a physical, mental or emotional symptom will manifest in another part of the body.

This is where chiropractic steps in! My job as a chiropractor is to assess your nervous system, your master control system, to see if it’s working in an organized and functional manner or if it’s disorganized and dysfunctional. I do this with a series of non-invasive tests that tell me how your brain and body are communicating with each other. I test your Heart Rate Variability which tells us if your body is operating in a sympathetic, fight or flight state or a parasympathetic, rest and digestion state. I also have thermography which indicates areas of inflammation in your body and also surface EMG which tells us how the signals from your brain are being organized in your muscles. My goal is to get to the root cause of the symptom in the first place so it doesn’t have to be your normal anymore.

After I’ve assessed the nervous system, I put together a personalized care plan for you to help you achieve your health goals and the amazing part is that the nervous system can change! When the nervous system changes, the function of your body changes and then the symptoms change as a result of that! I’m not treating the symptom individually but rather I take a whole person approach at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic to bring organization and balance to the nervous system.

When organization and balance is achieved, your “normal” symptom fade away and you can live life as you should be…at your peak potential!








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