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Chiropractic, OT, and Speech: The PB&J Combination

As I take care of more and more kids with neurodevelopmental challenges such as ASD, ADHD, SPD, speech and behavioral issues; I’m learning more and more what it takes to truly help these kids break free of their diagnoses and live a thriving life. I’m also learning how amazing the parents of these kiddos are.

They are constantly searching for and trying new things to help their kids live an optimal life. When I meet these parents, they tell me that their kids are already in Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, and usually other awesome therapies and programs as well and I think that’s great. When they find out that I specialize in helping kids with neurodevelopmental disorders with Chiropractic, they get an excited look on their face since this is something new that they haven’t heard before and they start asking me questions.

A common question I get is “well my kid is already in OT and Speech, how does Chiropractic fit in with that?”. That is a question I love because Chiropractic, OT and Speech are really the PB&J of helping these kids!


How?? Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy have the goal of integrating new behavioral and developmental patterns into your child’s brain so they can function and communicate better. Those are amazing goals and as a daughter of an Occupational Therapist, I have great respect for the work these professions do. Here’s where Chiropractic comes in: the goal of Chiropractic is to allow the nervous system to be in a calm and open state so those new patterns they are working on in OT and Speech can actually integrate into the nervous system and stay there!

There are two states your child’s nervous system can be in. One is the sympathetic state which is also called the fight, flight or freeze state. When your child’s brain is in this state, the nervous system is essentially in a closed state and is not able to learn new skills or progress in development. The other state is the parasympathetic state which is also called the rest, digestion, growth and development state. When your child’s brain is in this state, the nervous system is in an open state and is able to learn new skills and progress in development socially, emotionally, and academically.

It’s common for parents to tell me that their child is stalled in therapy and that it seems like they keep going over the same thing every time. This could be because their child’s brain is stuck in that sympathetic, fight or flight/closed state and their nervous system is focused on survival and not learning new tasks and progressing in their development. That’s where the chiropractic adjustment comes in. The adjustment allows the brain to shift out of that sympathetic/closed state and into the parasympathetic/open state and their nervous system is focused on learning and brain development.

After our practice members have been under care, they are getting better reports from their OT’s, Speech Therapists, tutors and the other amazing people your child work with.

It really does take a village to help your child thrive and I’m honored to be an essential part of this village in helping kids live life at their peak potential.

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