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Change your Input, Change your Brain

“You brain grows based on how it’s stimulated.” –Tony Robbins

Have you been told that the way your brain functions is “just the way that it is” or that hopefully your child will “grow out of it” regarding their behaviors but there is nothing you can do in the progress to change it? If so, I recommend that you find a new opinion and from someone who knows about neuroplasticity. If we can agree that the brain and the nervous system is the master control system of the entire body and that it controls every organ, cell and function of the body then wouldn’t it be amazing if we could change the nervous system to have a better functioning body? That’s neuroplasticity! It literally translates into a plastic or moldable nervous system; it can change!

Neuroplasticity is really a message of hope because all of those conditions you once though you’d have to just deal with and the behaviors your children display that are not ideal do not have to be the reality; the reality of the health and well-being of your entire family can be very different.

            How does neuroplasticity work? By changing the input or messages coming from the body into the brain! Just like every other system, if you change the input, you’ll get a different output. If the sensory messages coming from the body are distorted, the brain will perceive that distortion and change accordingly and send back a distorted message. That distorted message is the symptom you or your child are experiencing. However, if you have a clear message coming from the body and going into the brain, the brain will perceive that clearly and send back a clear message. That clear message is what leads to optimal health and well-being physically, emotionally and socially for your entire family.

            How do those messages travel from the body to the brain and back to the body again? The spinal cord!

All the nerves in the organs, muscles and tissues attach to the spinal cord and then the spinal cord is what attaches to the brain and that’s how the brain and body communicate to each other.  Therefore, is the spinal cord has a lot of tension and torsion in it; do you think that will send a clear or distorted message to the brain? Distorted! Remember what that distorted message does to the brain? It changes it negatively and sends back a distorted signal which manifests itself as a symptom or less than ideal behavior. What do you think the signals will be like if the spinal cord is free of that tension and torsion in it? The signals will be clear and the brain will change positively to that and send back clear signals back to the body.

Changing the stress on the spinal cord is how we change the input going into the brain, which is how we change output from it!

            This is where chiropractic comes into play! The adjustment is what takes stress and tension off of the spinal cord, which allows those signals to be clear and calm versus distorted and chaotic. This is why chiropractic has seen such great results with all sorts of conditions in both adults and kids.

As a chiropractor, I’m not specifically treating those conditions or symptoms but I allow the signals going into the brain to be clear and calm as they should be, which changes the brain positively and therefore, the brain sends back a positively response and those conditions and symptoms are not your reality anymore! Again, neuroplasticity is really a message of hope that is the message I am so grateful to share everyday at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic!

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