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Change without the Overwhelm

Parents, do you find your kids struggle with change and they end up getting very overwhelmed and stressed out?

Changing topics in school or season changes should not cause your child to feel frustrated and anxious, but for many it does and it leaves parents feeling confused on why small things cause a breakdown.

Ideally, kids should be able to adapt to changes, not get stuck or overwhelmed with them. A popular solution offered to teacher and parents is to be very organized and structured with your child’s routine. I agree that it’s great for kids to have a routine and be organized with their time and activities but they also need to be able to flow with the changes when things are not perfect or how they are normally structured to be. Structure and organization is great, but rigidity in that structure is not.

We all know that life is about adapting and making the best out of any situation we are in and we want to help your kids achieve that when they are young, so they can be successful and adaptable as adults.

The reason behind their struggle to adapt to change is based in the nervous system, the communication system between their brain and their body. If that communication is not flowing the way that it should be; the body has a decreased ability to adapt to their environments and change will be very hard for your kids.

When the communication system (the nervous system) isn’t working at 100%, their brain gets stuck in fight or flight aka “sympathetic” overdrive and 1 or 3 behaviors will be displayed:

1. Fight 2. Flight or 3. Freeze.

Does that should like your child at all? When it’s time to shift with a change do they fight you or get really agitated and have an outburst? Do they retreat to their room? Or do they shut down and get really quiet altogether? If so, they are displaying sympathetic dominate behaviors and that is what is causing them to struggle with change and adapting to their environments. They are having a hard time adjusting to their external situations because their body is stressed out and chaotic internally.

As a pediatric chiropractor, I help your child’s nervous system shift out of that sympathetic dominate state and into a more relaxed and calm state. I make sure the communicate system between the brain and the body is flowing the way that it should, allowing their bodies to adapt to their environments and change will not be such a struggle for them.

If your child is struggling with change and it’s causing them to become overwhelmed and anxious, they are not living up to their full potential. It is our mission at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic to help you, help your kids, not only survive but thrive — Living life to their full potentials.

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