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Boosting Your Immunity with Chiropractic

In Minnesota, as it is a snowy and cold month, it seems like winter is also “flu season”.

IMG_4421Have you heard of that? I’m sure you have! I’d like to shine some light on “flu season” and perhaps give you another perspective so you and your family can stay healthy and strong this season!

— What is the cause of the flu? Is it a germ? Or something else?

— Why is it that one person gets sick but another does not?

— What if it wasn’t the germs that made us sick but our bodies inability to fight the germs?

See, one person doesn’t get sick because their body has the ability to adapt to the germ that enters their system and has the right tools to defend the entire body versus being defenseless and getting sick. Does that make sense? If your body has the right tools to stay strong and healthy, it will!

So how does your body lose its tools? Stress!

We are just coming off of a big holiday season where you were probably under more stress than usual. Perhaps your sleep cycle was off or you consumed more sugar than you normally do. Maybe your exercise schedule was altered or you were under a lot of pressure traveling or hosting people at your house. Or it was all of that combined! Do you see how just one of those stressors can lower your body’s ability to fight an infection? Every time your body is under stress, it takes away from your healing and health potential.

So how does your body regain those tools to stay healthy?

1. Increase your water intake!

2. Increase your fruits and vegetables! It is citrus season for a reason! Get your Vitamin C in daily!

3. Get an adequate amount of sleep. Try going to bed an hour earlier and see how you feel the next day!

4. Move your body! The best detox program for your body is to sweat! It also increases your happy hormones and will decrease your stressful feeling overall.

5. Get adjusted! Your nervous system is what controls your immune system so make sure your nervous system is working at its full potential so your immune system can work too!

So how does chiropractic come into the picture?

Whenever your body is under stress, it shifts into the sympathetic or fight/flight state of your nervous system. When it’s in that state, it can no longer be in the parasympathetic or rest/digest or healing state of your nervous system. The issue is when your body cannot shift out of that sympathetic state and it gets stuck there and that is all your body is operating from. When you’re feeling under the weather, that is a great time to get adjusted so your body can shift out of that stressed state and into a calm state. It allows your body to rebuild its healing tools and fight whatever has entered your body!

So is it really “flu season” or is it sympathetic overdrive season?!

We are here to help your body build up its healthy tools and make sure it can adapt to anything that comes its way!


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