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Are you gaining momentum this year?

The beginning of 2018 is fully underway now and we have all set our new goals.

Now, the middle of January is a time where we either gain momentum or lose steam.

I’m sure we can all relate to starting something new — it’s super easy and fun the first week and then week two hits and that excitement is gone and everything seems a lot harder. For example, if your goal was waking up early and working out, you were likely fired up week one and the alarm is an exciting moment for you to jump up and change your life, week two that same alarm might make you want to hide under your pillow and hit snooze five times because “you can work out later.”

This pattern of starting with excitement and losing steam does not need to be our reality, we can succeed with our goals and achieve the lasting results we are looking for, but we MUST gain momentum and continue to maintain good habits beyond the phase of “new and exciting.”


Momentum is when you make small changes over and over, consistently, which gives you a large change in the longer term. We all know that optimal health is not obtained overnight, but that it requires a sustained effort and attentiveness.

Just as with any goal, when you come to receive care at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic we see the best results when you get adjusted multiple times a week at the beginning of your care plan. The adjustment is establishing a new pattern within your nervous system by rewiring your neurology and making sure that your brain and your body are properly communicating to each other so your body can function the way that it should.

When this new and healthy pattern is established, people’s symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, sleep issues, focus issues, muscle tension, emotional instability, and digestive issues can go away. This new pattern takes time and repetition to develop, especially if the disconnection in your nervous system has been going on for a long time, which is frequently the case. Adjusting our practice members multiple times a week really allows us to gain momentum with their health and healing process. This is when people experience the results they are looking for with themselves and for their kids; the magic really is in the momentum.

What small step can you take today to ensure that you are headed on the path you want to be on? Our mission is to help you stay on course and live to your peak potential!

A few tips to help you GAIN momentum through week two and beyond:

#1 – Have a game plan – Don’t just set your alarm clock, set yourself up for real success. Go to bed and shift your mindset to the benefits of waking up early, not reminding yourself you might be tired tomorrow. Set out your workout clothes, have things nearby that remind you WHY you are making this change, and recruit an accountability partner.
#2 – Stay Consistent – Taking a day off is one thing, but every day you “skip” makes it harder for you to get started again. Remind yourself of that and enforce a FEET ON THE FLOOR rule when that alarm goes off. Nike said it well, Just DO it.
#3 – Set recurring goals – With consistency, it is easier when you do it frequently. If your only getting up early 2 days a week, you may begin to DREAD those days, whereas if five am is your new wake up time, over the weeks it will become your normal and by the end of the year you wont even view that as an early alarm!
#4 – Get Adjusted – It is easier to remain calm and focused on your goals when your mind and body are functioning at their optimal level. Maintaining lower stress levels and higher coping abilities as life throws curve balls into your plan.


#5 – Reward Yourself – This may seem silly, but something as simple as printing out a calendar and making a big red X over the days when you COMPLETE your chosen behavior can be very motivating, especially if you keep it somewhere visible to you daily. Maybe bump it up to a once a week goal or once a month and choose something to reward yourself with like a trip to the nail salon or a date night out.


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